Back in 2011, Total Life Changes was at a crossroads of becoming something huge. We took the job of website redesign only to find this young company had no Marketing, Social Media or Branding in line. Taking the initiative to start these departments, we successfully built TLCHQ an online presence and took a groomed database of 6000 users to over 125,000 over the course of 4 years.

Here is a small sample of the branding and identity that was delivered building a on and offline visual presence to the great brand!


What started with a website quickly turned into a full blown production for these guys. Marketing, Advertising, Social & Design – MAC delivered. After seeing old product labeling, we grabbed the reins and let nothing stand in our way…

Using fundamental online marketing tools of the day including NorthSocial and MailChimp, we quickly branded every outlet with TLCHQ – a name that became synonymous with the TLC brand. North Social at the time offered the largest platform of FB applications for businesses to engage fans and promote the brand. Over time, the marketing tools developed to more robust tools like WooBox and Facebook’s Marketing while also using such technologies as StackSocial, Edgar, Hubspot and others.


Content, content content. Print, Big Screen, Little Screen, Web, Gas Stations, Billboards, Vegas – you name it – we did it. We created media across all platforms including animated video bumpers that were showcased at TLC Events and then shared with the world on the TLCHQ social platforms. Creative development had us also coordinating with other outside vendors to create content that would be stylistically delivered to match our Style & Branding Guide.

Branding & Advertisement